Re-Elect Mark Ross
Martinez City Council
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Renaissance for Martinez

We are experiencing a renaissance in our downtown area.  With the improvements we have made through retrofitting, we have seen new businesses open up featuring dining, arts and retail.  Also, acquiring ownership of the Marina has created new business opportunities such as the new ferry service.

Please contact me with your questions and comments.  

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Mark Ross on the Issues

Public Safety

I have kept public safety our city’s first priority and support increasing the number of police officers to reduce response times and improve service to our residents.  That's why I’m endorsed by the Martinez Police Officers Association and Contra Costa County District Attorney Mark Peterson.
Balanced Budgets & Saving for the Future
We have been able to meet our budgetary obligations and maintain a reserve of over 20%. I successfully insisted on a new policy requiring mandatory savings for infrastructure and pension pay downs.

Open Space, Parks & Environment
I have continued my efforts to provide more open space; protect our local environment; and
maintain and improve our public parks by:

  •  Acquiring West Hills Farm, adding to the 900-plus acres of open space I have helped establish
  •  Voting against developing the Alhambra Hills
  •  Successfully fighting for cleaner air standards from local industry
  •  Demanding accountability for our water quality and safety through testing 
  •  Leading the Bay Area's efforts to address destructive climate change
  •  Getting electric car charging stations in Martinez
  •  Improving parks on time and under budget

Senior Services
Hopefully, each one of us will have the opportunity to become a senior citizen.  So, providing for
our seniors is an investment for our whole community.  That’s why it was important for me to
support senior services including our great senior center.

Better Roads & Stronger Infrastructure
I led the efforts to increase funding for better/safer roads, and have asked voters to approve more funding for this effort. 

Helping Our Schools
When our schools faced losing 12 teachers, I led the fight to provide funding to keep those teachers — we are one community, not several governments.

Good Government
When it mattered most, I took a stand for higher levels of transparency and integrity on our city council.   

Martinez’ First Dog Park
I’m proud to support our first dog park in Martinez.  This is the first step in making our city more dog friendly, with world-class facilities and satellite parks to serve our whole community. 


Endorsed By Martinez Police Officers Association

                                                                         Thanks to everyone that helps my campaign!

Endorsed By:
East Bay Times

"Martinez officials have started making long-overdue changes to steady the city’s budget. And it might be just in the nick of time.  Police next year will pay their full share of their pension costs and other employees will pay most of their share the following year. And the city has started paying down debt from the its retiree health program.  All good moves and reasons for voters to re-elect Mark Ross to the City Council."

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Friends to Re-Elect Mark Ross Councilmember 2016
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